Professor Emily Dumler-Winckler  " I am thrilled to help facilitate the learning and growth of young adults as disciples of Christ." 

Reverend Doctor Brent A. Strawn  "  I enjoy working with young people on important theological topics that are central to the Christian faith.  I also enjoy the worship and fellowship over food.  And Texas in the heat of summer?  What could be better?!?!?" 

 Doctor Warren Smith  "   I love teaching at Texas Youth Academy because the student are eager to go deeper into the Christian faith than they have before. As teenagers, they are asking the basic question “Who am I?” in light of the life of discipleship to which Jesus calls us. I hope in my lecture on baptism that they will discover something that gets lost: our identity as Christians lies in our baptism. That is, the answer to the question “Who am I?” is to be found in our sacramental death and resurrection with Christ in baptism by which we are united with Christ and become participants in the New Creation."