Texas Youth Academy

June 14-26, 2021

Nominations and applications are open till April 5. 

Your opportunity to GROW & LEAD in your discipleship.  

Between navigating high school, being begged to clean their room, and exercising their driver's license, students are asking big questions.  For those who are considering ministry, we are in a unique position to guide them through this stage. 

However, ministry doesn't always take place in a church.  It could look like teaching in the classroom, engaging in the community, or leading a social justice movement. And when you want to help high school students answer their questions, but aren't sure how, we can help. 

The Texas Youth Academy is your partner and champion for Methodist high school vocational discernment. This is an incredible opportunity this summer for them to explore their faith, expand their community, and experience their calling

Explore your faith 

Engaging sessions, passionate worship, and practical tools for spiritual formation will help you go deeper in your faith than ever before.

Expand your community 

Texas Youth Academy draws the best students, staff, professors, & artists from across the country.  Form Faith friendships with others looking to deepen their discipleship 

Experience your calling

Along with other current 10-12th graders, spend two weeks living into being an agent of change, while embracing who God has called you to be. 

Texas Youth Academy is unique in its profound confidence of teenagers’ capacities for theological leadership, and a commitment to giving these young people concrete opportunities to put this into practice.  Each opportunity cultivates adolescents’ ability to wrestle with thorny theological subjects, giving them confidence in their faith agency.  they also encounter a myriad of ways in which others live their lives for God. 

Texas Youth academy       is a ministry of the
Texas Annual Conference
Texas Youth Academy  is a member of the Lily Youth Theology Network